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As the jaws develop, the teeth grow through the soft tissues and take on their roles in oral health. In some instances, however, certain teeth could be trapped in the bone and gums without the ability to fully erupt. This condition is called having an impacted tooth or teeth and might present discomfort or additional oral concerns in certain situations. Adult and baby teeth can become trapped in the jaw resulting from several conditions, including not enough room for a tooth to grow in properly or teeth that are too angled. At The Pacific Coast Center for Oral, Facial & Cosmetic Surgery, we perform skilled care for impacted canines, wisdom teeth, and other types of tooth impaction to help children and adults receive the care required for increased dental wellness. To explore your options for treating impacted teeth, contact our practice in Pasadena, CA to book a consultation with Dr. Husam Elias.

Younger and older patients might be affected by a tooth impaction; however, the older a person gets, it is far less likely it will grow in on its own. Even though any type of tooth could be stuck in the jaw, Dr. Elias finds that the condition frequently involves third molars (wisdom teeth) and the eye teeth (canines). For some patients, an impacted tooth may not cause harm to the mouth and can simply be left alone and monitored. But if such a tooth is threatening your oral health or comfort, seek treatment at The Pacific Coast Center for Oral, Facial & Cosmetic Surgery. Candidates for tooth impaction treatment are often those who have:

  • Discomfort or swelling in the mouth or jaw
  • Delayed eruption of a tooth
  • Retained baby teeth
  • Extra teeth present in the jaw
  • Malpositioned, tipped, or rotated teeth
  • An unusually small jaw or narrow dental arch
  • Overcrowding of the teeth
  • Traumatic mouth or jaw injuries
  • Cysts or other growths preventing tooth eruption

During your consultation at our practice, our team will take an x-ray of your jaw so that they can evaluate the impacted tooth and map its location, and then determine the ideal form of treatment. Fully or partially impacted wisdom teeth or other problematic teeth may require extraction. For impacted canines, we may perform a treatment to expose the surface of the tooth to allow for the attachment of an orthodontic appliance, which can guide the tooth into proper eruption. Impacted teeth treatments are generally performed under local anesthesia, but additional sedation dentistry services may also be available. Our team may work closely with other dental practitioners to provide comprehensive care for impacted teeth.

A member of our team will provide you with aftercare instructions to follow once your tooth impaction treatment is complete. You will need an adult friend or family member to drive you home if you received certain types of sedation. Pain medications or cold compresses to your face may be recommended to ease swelling, discomfort, or other symptoms as you heal. Our team will also provide tips on how to care for your teeth and gums as your mouth recovers, such as avoiding spitting, smoking, and the use of a straw following tooth extractions. We can help you set up a follow-up visit at our Pasadena, CA office so can ensure your mouth is healing properly.

My experience with this office was absolutely stellar. Firstly, the staff welcomes you warmly when you arrive. Diana (doctor’s assistant) met me in the exam room.  Diana has a way of instantly making you feel comfortable and any nervousness you may be feeling is dissipated.... Because you can’t stop laughing. Then enters Dr. Elias.... He is extremely approachable, honest, and knowledgeable. It doesn’t hurt that he has multiple degrees. I am ecstatic that I found this business:

B.S. Yelp

Dr. Elias pulled my wisdom teeth out like they called his mamma fat or something! Surgery was quick and basically painless. Didn’t need any of the pain meds and was back at work two days later looking like a snack. Diane was the nurse that took care of me for most of the process and she was so wonderful, kind, funny and sweet. If my wisdom teeth every grow back, I will definitely be coming back to Dr. Elias immediately. Thank you!

M.W. Yelp

Dr. Stephens is the best!

T. Google

went here for wisdom teeth removal and Dr Stephens was great. we had a detailed consultation and decided which route was best, then Greg the anesthesiologist called me the night before to address any concerns I was having. The most positive surgery experience I could have had

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Treating an impacted tooth may help reduce the risk of oral infection, crowding, discomfort, and other oral health effects. The Pacific Coast Center for Oral, Facial & Cosmetic Surgery cares for Pasadena, CA patients and manages the condition to help preserve your overall oral health. Learn more about your impacted teeth treatment options by scheduling a visit at The Pacific Coast Center for Oral, Facial & Cosmetic Surgery today.

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